The Interesting History of Harts Coins of the West

M.E. Hart is the original marketer and promoter of the Harts Coins of the West, which are the enigmatic and rare coin pieces. Originating between 1915 and 1916, the coin collection continuously puzzles researchers and numismatists for decades. The interesting history of the coin pieces started in the year 1915 when M.E. Hart introduced 36 10k gold token varieties during the popular Panama Pacific International Exposition.

The numismatic circle, Harts Coins of the West, has an asking price of $20 and was originally a tributary offer for the spirit of Alaska. The series highlights numerous tokens with stamps of Indian heads that display feathered headdresses, Eskimo heads with a parka, and images of miners. The California variety displays the image imprints of the head of Minerva along with the Eureka word on the obverse. Completing the set are the pieces with the Idaho, Washington, Montano, and Oregon representation.

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