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Harts Coins of the West is a historically intriguing set of a numismatic rarity but has somehow lost its identity to the collecting world. You may have a set of rare and old coins that belong to this collection, making you a proud owner of some of the sought-after and unique pieces in history. M.E. Hart is a renowned figure in the numismatic society in 1915 who is popular for promoting the Coins of the Golden West.

The figure is responsible for selling official Exposition souvenirs during the well-known Panama Pacific International Exposition between 1915 and 1916. Thirty-six varieties of 10K gold are the original pieces of the Harts Coins of the West collection with an asking price of $20. Some pieces bore parka images with Eskimo heads while others have miner images on them as a tribute to the Alaskan spirits. Discover the intrinsic and historical value of these numismatic rarities in your coin-collecting quest.

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