Rare George Washington Medals & Money. 18 Piece Set. Extremely Rare
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Rare George Washington Medals & Money. 18 Piece Set. Extremely Rare

Rare George Washington Medals & Money. 18 Piece Set. Extremely Rare!
Graded Coins:
1961 Washington 25c NGC PF68. Sold for $47.00 December 18, 2011 Heritage
1962 Washington 25c NGC PF68. Sold for $38.00 April 10, 2016 Heritage
1960 Washington 25c NGC PF68. Sold for $35.00  July 1, 2007 Heritage
1883 B-463B New York Evacuated NGC MS63. Sold For $60 at Stacks  March 21st 2012
1860 Julian MT-23, AE 59mm Mint Cabinet Medal.Sold For $499.38 September 6 , 2014 Heritage
1887 B-F-378 76mm NGC Unc Details. NGC MS66 Sold for $587.50 February  19th, 2017
Raw Coins:
1868 PR-31 Washington/Lincoln Unc (SILVER). NGC MS64 Sold for $299.00 May 2nd ,2010 Heritage also an Unc Details sold for $299.00 January 9, 2010 Heritage.
1862 PR-29 Washington/Jackson (bronze).  Sold for $86.25 September 27th, 2007 Heritage
1861 PR-27 George Washington “Time Increases his fame”  SILVER  Unc.    NGC MS63 Sold for $352.50  August 16, 2015 Heritage and $345.00 on October 25th 2008 Heritage
Baker-128A 19mm Silver RARITY 7   Washington. Lovett’s Tomb  NO AUCTION RESULTS  Extremley RARE!  Only one Known
Baker-1806 Constitution Adopted Bronze.  No auction Result  GEM UNC
1876 U.S. Centennial Exposition, Independence Hall Ch Unc+ Prooflike NGC. HK-41, Baker-392B, R.6. White metal.  THIS MEDAL IS EASY A 64 to 67 PL.
NGC MS 64 Sold for $558.13 March 2nd 2014 Heritage    &   NGC MS62 Sold for $345.00 September 18, 2008
1889 Douglas-42A  George Washington/ Seal, New York. Unc+.       No auction Results Rare     
1876 Danish Medal, International Exhibition Baker 426A Bronze Ch Unc+.  Sold for $381.88 January 8, 2014 
1889 Washington Inauguration Centennial, Unc Deep Prooflike . Douglas-48, Musante GW-1134 .Sold for $129.50 february 16, 2017. Heritage
1889 Washington Inauguration Centennial, Brooklyn Bridge, Prooflike  Douglas-7A, GW-1087A. White metal, 51mm, plain edge.  CH Unc.  NGC MS62 Sold for $152.75  february 16, 2017
1883 God and Our Country, NY Evacuation Centennial, B-464 Gilt,Unc.  NGC Ms64 Sold for $65.00 April, 2010 Heritage.
Musante GW-1110; Douglas-39  Ch Unc.    Sold for $118.00 Raw Unc  February 16, 2017.  Heritage

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