Gold Lincoln Token Mule Set. 1910, 1927,1939 ALL with 1927 Reverse.
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Gold Lincoln Token Mule Set. 1910, 1927,1939 ALL with 1927 Reverse.

Gold Lincoln Token Mule Set. 1910, 1927,1939 All with 1927 Reverse 
1910 Abraham Lincoln on obverse, "A TOKEN" surrounded by stars on reverse. Not in DeLorey Although resembling the 1910 Lincoln token by Elder listed above, this one is more likely a later date restrike, using the old 1927 reverse die and a new 1910 die. See also 1939.
1927 Obv. Lincoln bust l. over date. Rev. wreath, crossed axes, A TOKEN. Struck for irascible New York coin dealer Thomas L. Elder as one of his many medals and medalets honoring Lincoln, 35 to 50 struck.
1939 These were struck during the World's Fair in New York in 1939 with a mintage estimated between 400-500 pieces. Obverse portrait of Lincoln, in high relief and struck in gold, with ABRAHAM LINCOLN surrounding and the date 1939 below. Lincoln’s bust facing left, his shoulder in high frosted relief. The reverse depicts a stylized olive wreath with berries, and A TOKEN at the center with crossed wood axes below. 

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