1959 Alaska - Hawaii Statehood Combined MISHLER ISSUE. All Serial #23. Complete Set.


1959 Alaska - Hawaii Statehood (Combined) MISHLER ISSUE.
All Serial #23.

Obv. Map of Alaska, below Jan. 3 / 1959--in off-center circle to r.; 13 stars around on r.; at l., around Alaska / large star / 49th / State.
Rev. Hawaiian Island chain with names of islands, below Aug. 21 / 1959--in off-center circle to r.; 13 stars around on r.; at l., around Hawaii / large star / 50th /State

Issue consisted of following, all 40mm:

HK-528 Rose Gold 10K 25 1-25 R-7
HK-529 Silver, sterling 100 1-100 R-6
HK-530 Bronze, bright 250 1-250 R-5
HK-531 Bronze, oxidized 250 1-250 R-5
HK-532 Copper, bright 250 1-250 R-5
HK-533 Copper, oxidized 250 1-250 R-5
HK-534 Nickel-silver, oxidized 500 1-500 R-4
HK-535 Aluminum 314 No number R-4

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