1871 California Fractional 25c BG-718A PCGS MS64 Rarity 8 (3 Known)


1871 California Fractional 25c BG-718A PCGS MS64 Rarity 8 (3 Known)

Originally listed as Unique in the BG Second Edition book. The cataloger of the Jay Roe Collection that was sold in September 2003, however, noted that just two examples are known of this variety. The Roe specimen was MS64 PCGS and this piece is also a MS64, but different than the Roe specimen. Since 2003, two more coins have appeared for sale, a PCGS MS64+ (2012  $20,700) and a MS62   (2016  $15,275).  These four PCGS coins are apparently still the only known of this important variety as NGC has certified none.

This piece has a perfect reverse die and the Roe coin has a heavy die crack outside the left branch of the wreath at about 9 o'clock. Both sides of this near-Gem have brilliant green-gold luster with reflective fields and frosty devices imparting light cameo contrast. 

Obv: 6 stars; 1st star below chin, 2nd star left of nose. (Same as BG-718).

Rev: 1  4 DOLLAR 1871 within double-bowed wreath. 7 berries on left branch, 8 on right. First 1 in date recut as is the 1 in the fraction. AR in DOLLAR is incomplete. The top of the D touches the out-stretched leaf.



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