The History of Coin Collecting

With a history as old as money, coin collecting evolves from a mere curiosity to a more relevant and even lucrative pastime. Coins represent an illustration of history while others are just invaluable antique arts. The origin of the first coin is quite unclear but consensus says that one of the islands located in Greece is where the first issuance of coins took place. The first Greek coins have a face while the reverse side bears a simple cross mark.

Romans, Persians, and Greeks are the first people who minted coins from bronze, gold, and silver. Coin collectors or numismatists generally collect pieces or coins in three main categories of interest namely Ancient Coins, Hammered or Medieval Coinage, and Modern Era coins. Nowadays, coin collecting is more exciting because of the wide assortment of coins and currencies available.

Coin collections are products of interest while others are a valuable heirloom from one generation to another. Set an appointment with us at First Class Coins to know your numismatic rarities today!


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