Types of Rare Coins

Valuable coins could be hiding somewhere in your home right now and you would not have any idea of your "hidden treasure." Know the top list of rare coins that you should be looking for right now or maybe in the coin collection that you recently inherited. One of the old and valuable coins with matching high value is the wheat-back Lincoln cent with a manufacturing date before 1959.

All nickels before 1960 are also valuable coins specifically war nickels with manufacturing date during World War II. These rare coins have wartime alloy composition that includes copper, silver, and manganese. Silver dimes and quarters before 1965, all half dollars with silver composition and manufacturing date prior to 1971, and any coins with doubled dates are also rare pieces. Error coins with doubled dies or missing design parts may also have a higher value.

Coin appraisal is the key to knowing the real worth of your rare coin collection. Schedule an appointment with our coin experts at First Class Coins for more details!


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