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Collecting and investing in rare coins and bullions can be very challenging, especially if you are just getting started. Even the most seasoned coin collectors spent decades of studying and collecting coins before they were able to get their return of investment. Today, you do not only buy rare coins. You can also buy coin leads, which can be very useful, if you are starting out.

Coin collectors and investors need to diversify their portfolio in order to survive the coin market fluctuation. This means they should have a variety of coins on hand. However, some coins are very hard to find and are out of the circulation. By buying coin leads, you can find these coins without hassles.

First Class Coins Offers First Class Coin Leads

First Class Coins is the top choice of coin collectors and investors when it comes to rare coins and bullions. Our first class customer services and our comprehensive coin inventory make us the leading destination of newbies and seasoned numismatists. We have also added coin leads in our services to help you find your dream coin.

At First Class Coins, it is our ultimate goal to provide authentic, unique, and the rarest coins to the most discerning collectors. Each coin we sell comes with all pertinent documents to validate its authenticity. Many of the top collectors in the country keep coming back to us because of not only our first class coins, but our first class services. Today, we also offer coin leads.

Shop for the Rarest Coins in One-Stop

Can't find the coin you are dying to have on your collection? Why don't you check out our latest inventory at First Class Coins? We have best selection of rare coins and bullions for hobbyists and investors. We can also provide you coin leads so you will be able to find coins that are already out of circulation. Ask us how.


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First Class Coins is one of the most respected full service coin companies in the United States. We buy and sell collector coins, banknotes, precious metals and estate jewelry throughout the world and online through our website featuring hard-to-find rare coins, coin collections, as well as excellent investment quality pieces.

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