Different Types of Coin Collectors

Coin collectors have different specializations thus, qualifying them in different groups or categories. There are various types of coin collectors, depending on their expertise, collecting traits, and concentration. Type collectors are common in the field of coin collecting and they collate one particular piece for every design, denomination, color, or metal, all from a specific time or period.

Error coin collectors collect coins that show errors on them such as the pieces with double images or double dies. These coins also include blank coins, clipped coins, and partially struck pieces. Novelty coin collectors are separate groups that are interested in unique pieces such as Liberty Bell pennies, Lincoln-Kennedy pennies, double-headed coins, and colorized 50 state quarters. Other types of coin collectors collate bullions, topical coins, rare coins, and modern coins.

Decide on what type of coin collector you want to be and indulge in this thrilling adventure of accumulating rare pieces. Start your coin-collecting hobby and call us at First Class Coins today for professional tips!


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